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About Us

We are a group of like-minded individuals from around the world who are dedicated to making a difference in people's lives.

Our owners, admins, founders and membership are dedicated to putting money and assistance in the hands of those in need.

We support 2 main organizations; Homes by the Homeless and Feed the Children-Philippines. In addition make $1000 donations to the charity of your choice once you complete all levels!

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Low membership Fee of $15 or $25!

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Withdrawals Twice Per Week

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The Ability to Earn Over $19,000 Per Position!!!

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Banner/Text Ad Credits

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Free Educational Courses

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Financial Planning

Access to Industry Leaders who will teach you how to Enjoy the Debt-Free Life!

Member Assistance Fund

A Member Financed Fund to Help Out Mebers Going Through Hard Times.

our team

John Roe


Frank Roe



What our Members are saying

I TRULY LOVE THIS PROGRAM. It is SO EASY & SIMPLE to work at home. I have gain so my internet friends that I want to thank for all of their help. I am in other programs but this is my MAIN ONE. I want to be a part of John Roe's VISION TO HELP THE HOMELESS & HIS DAD'S TO FEED THE CHILDERN. YOUR SERVICE IS SO GREAT. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND WE ALL WILL GET THERE. MUCH $UCCE$$ TO MY NETWORK FAMILY. LOVE YOU'LL

Brenda Henderson

Just want to say i love Daily Cash Blessings & have been with John Roe for around 5 years or more and he has paid me by company check whenever i request it. I love the fact that John dont hype things up he tells it like it is as he is a very honest man . He also has incredible projects like tiny homes for the homeless and also feed the children in the Philippines which are two much needed causes. I am so looking forward to continue on a very rewarding journey with John Roe and all the members. A huge shout out to John Roe and family and many thanks for all you do.


I have already recouped my investment and made a profit, while helping my team get started. It's so gratifying to know we'll be changing the world for the better, while we earn more than we ever have before!


This is a GREAT PROGRAM!!!!