How it all Works!

       Once you sign up the first thing to do right away is to log into your Back Office and go to "Purchase Positions" and purchase 1 position in DCB1 (This is your $5 Membership Fee). This will get you started down the road to Financial Independence! Now take some time to explore all of the benefits you now have as a Paid Member, you can find these links on the left-hand side of your Back Office. Navigate to the "Promotional Center" Tab and copy your referral link so you can get to work building your team.
       After you cycle DCB1 you will now be upgraded to the "Payout" Levels and start to earn $$$ as you Cycle through the Levels. We have 2 programs you will work your way through, Daily Ca$h Blessing (DCB) is our entry program and will earn you over $2500 per Position as you complete the Levels.  DCB is a quick moving 3x1 Matrix and all levels are Team Forced meaning EVERYONE Earns $$$, You will Cycle these Levels in the order you entered. There are 2 Phases in DCB with each Phase consisting of 4 Levels. As you move through the Levels OF DCB your Earnings will grow as will the amount of Positions you have thanks to our Bonus Re-Entry program which is designed to re-enter you into Levels to help everyone move faster and prevent stalls. This will also create you MANY additional streams of revenue as EACH Position will move through the levels as your 1st one did and EXPLODE your income!

       After Cycling DCB8 you will move into Ca$h Elevate-R (CE) and quickly see your earnings elevate to a new level as you will earn OVER $44,000 per position as you Cycle through Level E5. CE is run from a 2x2 Matrix which only takes 6 people to fill. Levels E1 & E2 are Team Build Levels and Levels E3-E5 are Regular Forced Levels. As your Earnings increase through the Levels so does your Re-Entry Positions. You are now setting yourself up for some life changing amounts as your positions grow. 

Referral Bonuses!

    As you share this opportunity with people you will start to grow your Team and we reward you well for your efforts. As your referrals move through the Levels you will earn Referral Bonuses of $10, $25, $150, $250, $500 and $1000! And this is PER POSITION of your referrals!

Helping People Around the World

     As you earn $$$ you are also helping to fund many wonderful causes around the world, as a Company we support 2 main Charities: Homes by the Homeless whose mission is to eradicate homelessness by empowering those that need our help by creating communities of Tiny Homes to get people off the streets and start them back on the road to recovery. We also support Feed the Children- Philippines whose goal is to eradicate hunger across the country of the Philippines and then around the World! We do this by making a contribution of $200 to each every time someone Cycles the final level in DCB and a contribution of $2000 to each every time someone Cycles the final Level of Ca$h Elevate-R. 
    But we are not done there! We also make a $2000 donation to the Charity of YOUR choice every time one of your positions Cycle the final Level of Ca$h Elevate-R, and we are still not done!! We ask our Members to contribute to the Member Assistance Fund which is set up to help our Members during times of Financial Difficulties or Disaster. We are truly a Membership dedicated to helping those who need help the most around the World!


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